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Virtual Reality

Redefining Industrial & Corporate Training

VR training is changing industry

Supporting your staff to study while they work is a great way of upskilling your workforce, attracting and retaining talented employees, and keeping your business competitive. ​ VR can help business leaders upskill their employees faster, even at a time when training budgets may be shrinking and in-person training may be off the table.

Education 4.0 at its best

Learning methodologies are evolving fast, we went from universities where we could learn theory in the classroom and practice in the lab, to e-learning. While e-learning has a wider reach and much lower costs thanks to the internet, it lacks of a practical approach necessary to reinforce all the theory learned. However, thanks to VR we get into the Education 4.0 paradigm, allowing people to learn theory and get practice through a VR headset, leading to a 4x increase in content retention and 4x faster learning rates than traditional technologies.

We Deliver Customized VR Training Solutions for Industries & Corporations


Onboarding a new employee is very expensive following the reduced productivity that is typical of ramp-up periods, the time during which a new hire is still learning their role and getting acclimated to the work environment. But don’t worry, we are here to back you up, using VR we can minimize your training costs.

Industrial Automation

Industrial automation is vital to increase the productivity of any company. However,  training this subject requires specialized mentors, costly materials and equipment, and incurs into a high productivity loss while new hires are fully operational. Thanks to VR your staff can train faster and safer than ever.

Sales Skills

Sales skills are vital to keep running a company. However, finding a seasoned expert to train our staff is tough, expensive and are theory-oriented. Thanks to VR, your staff can learn different sales techniques and then apply them through VR until they feel confident enough to make their first sale.

The VR training market is growing fast, and so are we thanks to the EU funding support


The European Commission’s Erasmus+ Programme has provided us funding for the Jobs of the Future project, an European initiative that has brought organisations from France, Italy, Latvia, Cyprus and Roumania to partner together to develop new innovative resources, networks, platforms, and tools to teach younger generations the skills they will require to fill the posts for the jobs of the future. ​