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Education 4.0 : A Myth or a Reality? (Part 3/3)

A lot is being said about Education 4.0, however, I haven’t found enough information out there that defines what this is, what it isn’t, and why you should actually care. But don’t worry, for sure you will have a very good idea on Education 4.0 by the end of this blog

In the last part of this blog we gave you a larger scope on Education 4.0, we also shared with you a list of main characteristics that Education 4.0 must have. Among these characteristics we can find: The basis of teaching is the cooperation between teacher and student; The main way of learning is through communication; Problem solving is exercised as close to real life as possible; One of the main drivers of learning is games and the creation of real environments; The use of Industry 4.0 key technology enablers for accessing, creating, organizing and disseminating content.

I understand that you might be new to the whole Education 4.0 subject, and probably at this moment it might be hard for you to imagine a real life example that combines the characteristics we’ve just mentioned. However, in Medusa Digital we have been working hard for the past 6 years in the development of Education 4.0 trainings using Virtual Reality (an Industry 4.0 key technology enabler) in order to create powerful trainings that enables students and employees not only to learn, but also to develop their individual skills.

So let’s waste no more time! let me present you our best VR training solutions. I can assure you, you will find nothing similar in the market, we have developed all of our technology in-house, and we have even received funding from the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union to continue to develop our unique solution.


Before presenting this example, let me explain you briefly about what Industrial Automation is. In short, Industrial automation is the use of control systems, such as computers or robots, and information technologies for handling different processes and machineries in an industry. Imagine the fabrication process of beer.

There, you will find industrial tanks filled with beer, water, and other chemicals necessary for the fermentation and bottling of beer. However, you will also find pumps and pipes in order to take liquids from one industrial tank to another, and you will also find control valves and other measurement instruments that will allow you to monitor the amount of liquid running through the pipelines, the temperature of liquids, the amount of alcohol present in the final beer. Finally, you will also need a system that allows you control and monitor automatically the valves, measurement instruments and other industrial instruments in order to increase the beer fabrication process performance and outcome.

As you can imagine, knowledge in Industrial Automation is vital to automate as much as possible the beer fabrication process, or actually any other fabrication process worldwide, and its use is mandatory for any company that is looking to stay competitive in the market.

Nevertheless, learning Industrial Automation is not easy, as there are few Universities prepared to teach Industrial Automation theory, and there are even less Universities which are actually equipped with the basic instruments necessary to give a practical approach of the subject to the students. Furthermore, Industrial Automation trainings for professional employees are expensive, and unless the training is taught on-site, they seldom lack of a practical approach that can speed up the learning process of industry staff.

For this reason, along with IMEPI S.A. de C.V., we have used Virtual Reality to create Education 4.0 trainings that are realistic, where students are able to use the machines in a close manner to real life, using even their own hands to manipulate things in the virtual environment, and which uses gamification style learning. Which means that, as in any videogame, users are able to advance through the training as they complete lessons from easier lessons to difficult ones. Below, you will see an example of our demo, where students can push buttons to control the industrial process present the picture.

One of the main characteristics of our VR training, is that it is connected to the cloud to Aurora HMI SCADA, an industrial software used for both, to simulate industrial processes and to control real life industrial processes. Therefore, our VR trainings are not only simulations, they can actually be connected to real life instruments and industrial machines, which the user would able to control through VR for training purposes if necessary.


It is not easy to recruit sales associates, but it is nobody’s fault. Sales is perhaps one of the most vital activites to ensure the financial resources of any company, but in the same time, it is often a misunderstood profession that actually requires a lot of training and practice more than raw talent and personality in order to make a sell. However, as sales competencies are a combination of technical and non-technical skills, it is difficult to train sales skills using traditional Education 3.0 trainings unless we pay for expensive mentors and seminars to put in practice our sales knowledge.

For this reason, we have carefully designed a practical Education 4.0 training using Virtual Reality, so that your sales staff is able to rehearse both, technical and non-technical skills iuntil they feel confident enough to make their first sale. As in the Industrial Automation VR training, our VR Sales Training also uses gamification to teach your sales staff anything they need to know about your products and services, until the most advanced sales techniques to land their first sale.

In the picture below you can see an example of our Sales VR training demo. Through VR, our students are able to use their own hands and judgement to advance through the lessons.

As you can see, through Virtual Reality, Medusa Digital can offer you unique and advanced 4.0 training for your employees. Whether you want to create a powerful VR onboarding experience in VR, or train your engineers and technicians on Industrial Automation, or perhaps you are looking to increase the sales performance of your staff, then you can be sure that we are there for you! If you want us to show you a demo on how our VR trainings look like in real life, then don’t hesitate to contact us to book a demo! You can also write us to