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Is Virtual Reality In Corporate Training really a thing?

Virtual Reality (VR) is being increasingly used in employee training and development in corporate organizations. We expect it to become the new training normal in the next few years.

VR is highly-engaging and immersive, which automatically increases the absorption and retention rates of the VR training content. Experiential learning, after all, has been proven to be the most effective way to learn, as it is how our brains absorb and retain information.

How Can Your Corporation Best Use VR?

The best thing about VR is the fact that it can be used in any industry to teach any kind of skill. However, VR has been used and is usually used in corporate organizations to train employees in skillsets such as:

Business and soft skills

When speaking in VR, it is possible to simulate experiences very difficult to replicate such as a heart surgery, or to simulate hazardous jobs where a proficient and accurate performance is required to avoid injuries. As you might imagine, these are logical candidates for a VR training approach.

Diversity, inclusion, harassment, and compliance training:

VR is very engaging and puts the user in the middle of all the action, thus helping them learn what to do and what not to do, leading to an actual behavioral change in employees.

Customer handling training

VR training will give experience executives on how to handle customers as simulations are mostly made up of branching scenarios based on how a customer would react in real life.

Recruitment And onboarding

VR can be used to train HR professionals and managers to better interview candidates and also use it for candidate onboarding trainings. In the latter case, VR has been used to train new recruits about corporate’s values and operations, leaving a better sense of integration on the new recruit.

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