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Jobs of the Future

In the European Union, demand for tech skilled individuals is expected to grow, until at least 2025 (CEDEFOP, 2016). At the same time, the future supply of tech skills in the workforce is forecasted to be substantially less than than what the market demands. For this reason, the Jobs of the Future project aims to teach younger generations the high-tech skills through a hands-on and DIY approach.

Empower & Synergy

Our goal is to promote the development, transfer and implementation of innovative practices in youth work. For this reason we are a consortion of EU based companies, youth organisations and educational institutions to encourage cooperation, peer learning and exchanges of experience at the European Level. 

We believe that reinforcing teaching of tech subjects outside of the classroom would actually broaden youngsters future career prospects, and provide higher flexibility with regards to employment choice. We aim to empower young people by accompanying them in the development of 21st century skills such as creation of Immersive Virtual Training, which are in fact essential for the fulfilment of youth in the social, personal professional and educational spheres of life. These skills will notably be promoted by adopting a learning-by-doing approach to all educational activities implemented within the frame of our initiative.

Modern learning for modern challenges

We are applying a modern learning methodology involving a «learning by doing» approach, where students and educators are both expected to learn and teach, engaging cross-generational learning. Throughout the process, children learn about self-regulation, assertiveness, critical thinking, collaboration, resistance to failure, perserverance and communication skills, specially as part of the process involves cross-border mobility opportunities.

«We have developed educational resources and organised job shadowing activities in France, Italy and Roumania».

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