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Sales Skills VR Training

Create a sales team that outperforms its boundaries

Our Sales Trainings are fully interactive, they mix theory and practice to empower your staff

It is not easy to recruit seasoned sales representatives, which makes sales skills training a vital activity to ensure the financial resources of our company. However, traditional trainings are expensive as it is hard to find a mentor specialized in our products/services, and most common trainings are mostly theoretical. With VR, we have changed this paradigm as our trainings are fully interactive.

Education 4.0 – Computer Assisted Interactive Learning

Our unique methodology uses VR to train your staff in basic and advanced sales techniques, from product knowledge to handling sales objections. Our interactive trainings empowers your sales reps through practice until they feel confident enough to make their first sale. ​

Our work is to take your products/ services, and with the help of a panel of sales executives, we will create a VR training that is autonomous, interactive, self-explanatory and entertaining to the final user.

Why you should upgrade to VR?

Faster Learning

We create immersive and interactive VR Sales Trainings that last longer in the memory of your employees, while they assimilate faster its content


No hidden fees for our services. After delivery, you will be able to use the VR training as many times as you want, with as many employees as you need to

Short Delivery Time

We have developed an extremely efficient working methodology. With the help of an expert panel of sales executives we can develop a VR sales training focused exclusively in your product/service in a time as short as a couple of weeks


Using our know-how, we can carefully design a VR experience that ensures most advanced sales techniques are covered during the training, such as handling objections or closing techniques

Safe & Stress Free

Our interactive technology can help you empower your sales representatives as they will gain in short time, valuable experience they need to make their first sale without the fear of failure

Remote Training

Use VR to train each one of your Sales Reps with the same quality, even if they are thousands of miles away. Avoid travel expenses and unnecessary health risks for your employees

How do we work?

We adapt your idea to VR

Tell us your training needs, let us know what you would like to share with your employees, we will plan everything from A to Z, and we will present you

VR Training Development

This is our time to shine, we wil take our VR development staff to your company and will film, take notes, interview your employees and will create an amazing app that you will be able to install into Meta Quest 2 headset.

Implement the VR Training

We will install the VR app in as many VR Headsets as you want, we will be there to assist you in your first VR Trainings to make sure your team knows how to handle the VR Headset.